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YES! Teuxdeux goes iPhoney!

In Uncategorized on September 1, 2010 at 10:35 AM

This is one of the greatest apps ever (along with Instapaper which you also NEED to get). And it just got iPhoney! Teuxdeux is the simplest yet still really comprehensive To Do list widgety app program things around and believe me, I’ve searched. A web-based account so you can access it anywhere, anytime and on any computer, just type and enter what you need to do that day and it’ll create a list. Whatever you do conquer, just click on and it will ‘strike through’ the entry to show that it’s done. When the next day dawns, anything that you haven’t done gets automatically moved to your current day (YES. No changing dates or re-entering lists) and everything you’ve done gets left behind for reference sake (just in case you ever need to check that you DID pay that water bill/start a band/call your grandma). There’s also a seperate list down the bottom – Someday – for must-do things which are important but not so urgent.

With a clean, fresh interface, you can now synch it up to your iPhone app version so your list of must-do’s can follow you EVERYwhere. No excuses now really;) Web account is free (woo!) and app is $3.99. Seriously though, once you get addicted to the web account, you’ll know the $3.99 price tag is totally worth it.

See link below for a vimeo vid demo or jump straight to teuxdeux.com

TeuxDeux Part Deux from TeuxDeux on Vimeo.


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