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Beautiful website zen bliss

In Uncategorized on September 2, 2010 at 11:49 PM

There’s something about watching goldfish and slowly careening bouncy balls make their way around their respective environs that make you just chiiiiill…and relax. I just found such bliss tonight with the bouncy balls at least via the new(ish) Olga Berg website thanks to Paper Stone Scissors, my new heroes of graphic design and branding in Melbourne (and China). Along with other gorgeously designed products (branding, identities, print, web design, styling, images, exhibition design plus loads more), they obviously have a cute, quirky sense of humour judging by their blog blurbs and choice of subject matter (finding a Queen Lizzie doppelgänger in Melbourne to fake a secret penchant for skateboarding for a Peter Alexander shoot?). And I’m totally enamoured with this Olga Berg site too. It’s so simple and so reflective of the company’s style without forfeiting the clean, fresh, sophisticated playfulness that is obviously PSS’s style too. Great identity re-haul by PSS and for those people like me who are definitely caught and distracted by weird, internetty, gadgety things, greaaaaaat use of interactive devices with those bouncy balls. I could stay playing with those slow bouncy balls on the homepage forever….

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