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Oh wow… (not hungry yet)

In Uncategorized on September 2, 2010 at 9:39 PM

We all know McDonald’s burgers last forever. I heard all the Today Tonight feature on the guy  who kept a McDonald’s burger bun in his garage for ten years and it never got mouldy. I guess I never believed it properly though or it seemed like a bit of an old wives tale seeing as though they ARE edible if you really need to eat at 3am and KFC (my choice of outlet) isn’t around. Because…if you check this art project out by artist Sally Davies, she’s up to Day 137 at the mo and it ain’t looking ANYWHERE near mouldy yet. Not even the chips. This is truly horrendous.

(click on the pix for jump to artist and via that her facebook photo page. Ewwwww)

    That is extremely disgusting.
    I used to eat Mcdonalds ALL the time … I’m glad I’ve finally decided to live a healthier life that doesn’t include Big Macs.
    I’m just curious now as to how our body digest these if they apparently ‘last forever!’ Gross!

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