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Planners and strategists

In Uncategorized on September 4, 2010 at 8:24 PM

PSFK rocks my world. It’s informative about a massive range of topics but always on the most innovative and interesting level. I’ve found music innovation, art insights, design info, current affairs discussions, experimental developments (in many, many things!) and so much more. One of those things though is strategy and planning in the field of design – people focusing on knowledge and creative sourcing (and then sharing and directing that) in order to create cohesive and excellent design/advertising/marketing/consumer oriented campaigns. And not just for the profit market. This could also be applied to not-for-profits in a whole host of creative and beneficial ways. Love this idea (as do many creatives!). This video of a PSFK conference is about this very topic. About planners and strategists (or creative directors, creative planners, creative strategists or whatever you might call them) in design and other creative industries, as spoken by some of the industries best

Click on the vid or follow this link.

And another link here on the same topic which is great – eleven skills that a design strategist should/could require. Great stuff.


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