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Ah ha!

In Uncategorized on September 9, 2010 at 11:38 PM

Just had an ah-ha! moment in trying to solve the problem of needing more time to study yet desperately wanting to dedicate time to building up this blog. I will start transfering all my links that I’ve been posting on crackbook (soz. Facebook) for the past two years and post them here instead! This was one of the main goals for this blog anyway; to re-post all my previous links here and have this blog serve as both an ongoing inspiration wall of sorts and as an archive of all that I have found in my exploring but….combining all these necessities (temporary boycott of new blog posts, wanting to keep this blog filled on a daily basis, needing time to transfer all the old links) only just occured to me. PERFECT. So, apologies if you start to see any links that you could have sworn you’ve seen before – that might actually be true! But I’m pretty sure there should still be some grand linkage that even I’ve forgotten all about so revisiting and getting re-inspired all over again should be pretty good! Relieved siiiiiiiiiiigh. When they come along, good solutions are the best aren’t they!

(how a good idea makes me feel)


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