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The REAL ‘Stuff white people like’

In Uncategorized on September 10, 2010 at 11:18 PM

This is one of the funniest things I have ever read and I get to say that because as a white woman, I come off the worst. I also imagine black men get to say it because as a result of this research, they freaking rock! As do black women for that matter. And Latino chicks (and men). And Indians (who are all extremely well read it turns out). And South Pacific Islander women who name hula and kickboxing as their second and fourth most important, self-defining traits (and South Pacific Islander man who name a liking of 2pac as their fourth). Basically it’s just white women who come off looking really, really bad.

What am I talking about?? Well, click on the pic for a far more in-depth article than I could ever provide but….some researchers over at a dating website called OKCupid took all the keyword data from the profiles of over half a million site members and then made some infographics about what all these nationalities REALLY like to say about themselves, in their own words. Enlightening to say the least, especially the reading and writing proficiency graphs towards the end. Again, I can say this because as a white person, I come off pretty badly compared to the rest (although I am more than ever glad that I am a definite atheist-raised agnostic). Still, who doesn’t like a quick, easy guide as to how one can really relate to the rainbow colours out there in this modern world? You know you do. Haven’t you always wondered how to bag that hot, black girl you always see at the shops? Now you know what to talk about (and be F*CKING confident because if you ain’t black, you ain’t got shit that’s gonna beat that). And of course, if for some reason you are particularly into Jodi Piccoult, mascara, Nicholas Sparks, Kenny Chesney and ‘getting dressed up’ as some of the more prevalent identifying factors in your woman, well, go for the white chicks. And yes, this is the sound of me crying.



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