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In Uncategorized on September 12, 2010 at 10:09 PM

Reading about Cubism, mainly because I was reading about De Sitjl. And I think I was reading about De Stijl because I already love Piet Mondrian‘s work (have one of his works as my crackbook profile as the mo). I love how his paintings are all a play between balance and space and later on, movement through colour and balance as well. I love looking at the spaces created by the small blocks of colour against black lines and white space. How some things balance others even through different sorts of emphasis. I love how a simple thing like a line not reaching the edge of the canvas can create balance for a large, heavy, black rectangle on the far, opposite side.

Anyways, after reading about that, I linked (through Wikipedia of course) to Cubism which I also love but which I know just as little about (one semester of art history was far, far too baffling to take it all in). It was all very interesting and wonderful and austere until I found somewhere in the very chopped up wiki rundown of Cubism (too many hands on that wheel I think), this great quote about something some art historian had said;

“Art historian Ernst Gombrich described cubism as ‘the most radical attempt to stamp out ambiguity and to enforce one reading of the picture—that of a man-made construction, a coloured canvas.'”

Hahaha! So great. I might have it all wrong, I’m no art historian, but I don’t think anyone out there in the world could conclude that Cubism isn’t, even if you love it, somewhat ambiguous! At least to the naked eye used to seeing realism in the world around. I love that a concept is pushed so far to becoming obvious (all faces of an object on one plane) that it just ends up being even more ambiguous to the naked eye than before. Love that. Love art for that in fact. Muchly.


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