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Saul Bass

In Uncategorized on September 12, 2010 at 7:24 PM

Am researching the odd subject of disposable, paper, coffee cups for a uni project and with grand synchronicity came across the name of Saul Bass again. Was only just delving into the info on this great man and graphic designer just recently. A blog featured a site on his work and only then did I realised how much I’d loved various movie credits which had all been his (or influenced by his work). Then a friend mentioned he liked the Mad Men opening credits at which point I could point out with (very) newly acquired authority how much they’d obviously been pretty heavily influenced (in a great way) by Saul Bass’ work!

Bass’ work is so great. I really don’t know much about him (yet) but it’s obviously all so retro feel for us now. So great. Reminds me of all my favourite stuff since I was a kid and a teenager – 1950s kitchen paraphernalia, anodised metal kitchenware (I have so much of this in storage back home!), Bewitched, I Dream of Jeanie, Cry Baby, Hairspray (the original though!!!) and now Mad Men. Check out these few sites I’ve found on his work but also check out the Dixie Cups ad up above which is for a paper cup company formed in America at the turn of last century. Not only did Saul Bass do their logo (great movement in that logo too! Very him it seems), don’t you just love how completely UNenvironmental the whole thing is! Bugger the washing up people. Let’s all just have a DISPOSABLE CUP DISPENSER in our kitchen instead! Haha.


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