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In Uncategorized on September 13, 2010 at 10:51 PM

I’ve been wondering recently about what direction this blog should have. I mean, it has to have one, it WILL have to have one (I believe in modernism, I believe in themes) and I think it will have one whether I think about it or not. Thinking about it though would make it much more cohesive. Still, I want to let it grow organically and see what natural themes emerge and where those themes might take me.

Trouble is, I also have this nasty habit of being interested in everything. Quite literally, everything. You could sit a sports fanatic down in front of me (generally my idea of hell) and if he or she has the right amount of passion to make listening worthwhile, I’ll sit there and listen. It’s amazing how much pure energy and knowledge is conveyed by people and their passions.

So just as I started to wonder about all this I had a quick peak at all my blogs (quick because I’m not supposed to be on them this week. Just like facebook. Just like twitter). And turns out, finding direction and your own way of thinking regarding blogs is in the air. There’s links and blog posts about it all over the place! Some are about personal aesthetics and specialising, some are about seeing everything still but through your own, personal ‘lens’ (love this idea). Am still not fully decided yet as to how I might end up ‘theming’ this blog but these are just a few of the links and articles that have propelled me to start thinking about it. Particularly love the Steve Jobs vid. You gotta love a man who finds his perfect fashion style and sticks with it;)


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