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Muses and (not) burning out

In Uncategorized on September 15, 2010 at 12:48 PM

These two blogposts are particularly relevant to me right now. They are from a blog called White Hot Truth which was sent to me recently by a fantastic new friend, the lovely Ming-Zhu Hii at the VERY gorgeous and new Orlando and Ivy store (in North Melbourne peeps. Go check it out and just you try to resist a purchase!).

White Hot Truth is quite great. Motivational and inspirational in equal measure but with a very strategic, planned and business-world manner which I really respect and appreciate. The author is a businesswoman, business owner, public speaker, business practice workshop facilitator, writer, and all round action-based, project managing superstar. She writes not only about owning and running her very successful business, but also about emotionally based things like feeling burnt out (yes), inspiration (please) and chasing your muse (trying) like they are business practices to be approached just like any other business merger or meeting.

And THIS is the kind of stuff that will make the art world thrive. If we, as artists and creatives, want to feel ambition and success, we need to be more businesslike about it, just in a way that does not compromise our fabulous, ethereal and untameable creativity. Why? Because ambition and success are not just about money or conquering the corporate world – it is something we all feel, whether it is for money or recognition, or for affirmation or something else. I want it for happiness and personal creative satisfaction (and a slightly higher standard of living where I don’t have to worry so much about how to pay the rent). You might have a completely different set of goal posts though and therein lies the beauty of us all having our own version of ambition and striving for success. It means we can all get it.

Anyway, the fab White Hot Truth sent out its regular blogpost out this morning and it linked to these two previous posts which completely made me stop and think for a little bit. One is about what to do (or not do) when you’re burnt out. This I can definitely identify with right now (but I’m proud to say my current hardcore work/study/lyf schedule totally works in with her advice!). I also loved the other one about “How to kiss up to your muse”. The tips are great tips but they are also set out in a nice, corporatey, bullet pointed list because, the thing is, ambition and success (YOUR ambition and success. The only reasons you personally would ever accept visits from your own personal version of inspiration or muse) are very strategic, considered, totally corporatey concepts. And some of the most hardworking people I know are corporatey people who realise that their egos are NOT the end goal (and no, it’s not always money either). I say that if we (artist, creatives, non-corporatey world types), want success and ambition in whatever form we interpret that, we shouldn’t knock the processes of the people who do it best. So yes to bullet points and planning out creativity. Why not! No one ever said artists can’t be ambitious or a success.

Ps. Not only was I inspired in all this by the blog posts of which I speak, but also the latest Orlando and Ivy blogpost by Ming about ambition and feeling it. I told you she was fantastic!

  1. To anyone who read this earlier, I meant ethereal not ephemeral. I truly hope creative talent is not ephemeral!

    So burnt out right now…

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