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you make the world beautiful, love

In Uncategorized on September 18, 2010 at 8:32 PM

In the middle of mega Saturday night study session but just swung out a quick email to a bunch of lovely friends asking them what 3-5 things did they think of when they heard the word ‘own’. This is a bit of very informal market research for an ambient advertisement I’m trying to think up for uni for Tuesday (EEK!). Two lovely chickas have already written back with their thoughts (thank you C-Schu and Le Bibi!) and both have helped bigtime. One though (Le Bibi) had this photo attached. I love it.


ps. Both Le Bibi and C-Schu are very creative women and I will profile both soon. C-Schu has just started a blog – All The Lovelies – capitalising on her love of all things photography, nature and beautiful (jewellery, images, fashion and beyond) and Le Bibi makes cardboard furniture. Yep. Cardboard furniture. It’s so rad.


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