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I can’t I can’t I can’t wait to go to America

In Uncategorized on September 19, 2010 at 8:21 PM

Again. After the debacle that was arriving and trying to get a job there three days before the ridiculously catastrophic 2009 global (American) economic crisis officially touched down. Sigh. Still, I have plans to return. And this time try and work in design as opposed to using it to find what sort of career path I want. One of the two main places I want to go? Detroit. The other is Portland because it sounds like a completely awesome eco and design hub but Detroit? ….Detroit. Home of amazing music, crazy intense social history and – ghost towns being one of my all-time favourite things since I was a kid – full of utterly majestic ghost buildings (here, here and here). Now though, it is also a burgeoning hub of creativity that is taking advantage of all the MEGA cheap real estate, lost& found spaces and huge abandoned venues. This vid – Lemonade Detroit – is brought to us by the same bunch of people who brought us Lemonade. I have yet to find an Australian screening of the original Lemonade film but it’s about the effect of the global economic crisis on designers and creatives and how, in the end, it has propelled many them to even more innovation before. It looks good. This one for me though, looks even better. I love the idea of creativity and innovation being push by limitations. Also the beauty and scale of this half-falling-down, phoenix-like city seems phenomenal. I can’t wait to walk it’s crazy, beautiful, formerly industrial-rich streets and take some photos of what I see. I just hope I don’t get carjacked…

(click on the pic for the video via vimeo. I couldn’t get it to work straight to wordpress).


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