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In Uncategorized on September 20, 2010 at 3:47 PM

Silence can be used for a lot of things – power, remembrance, thought processing. I left my iPod at a friend’s house today so I could not drown out the silence at work with the constant sounds of my beloved music. And while I’m not a massive fan of the constant soundtrack culture – I tend to walk around with only one earphone in so I can still listen to the sounds of the city – not having music in a relatively conservative, quiet, uneventful (in a more dramatic way) workplace can be a deathly, oppressive thing. Until I find myself smack bang in the middle of some work place that believes in the 70-20-10 rule, random flash mob sing-alongs, colour rainbow themes and collaborative projects which don’t require boxes (I am currently an archivist. Boxes is what I do)…I need music.

Funny thing is though, it’s not been as bad as I thought. Yes tomorrow I will be cranking Bowie again at the highest possible volume but….the quiet has been like being blissfully underwater or (since I am in a skyscraper) sitting on a cloud. I’ve still gotten a stack of work done (my work/study/lyf schedule has broken my mind in I think! I’m no longer SO badly mentally rebelling at this sort of stuff!). And since I’m on one of the higher levels of this glass wonderland, all I can hear of the city below is a constant hum and the occasional police siren. No distinct voices, no stresses or worries (except my own). It’s actually quite zen. It makes me think of how powerful and calming silence is and how very rarely we get it these days. Even if we are shutting out other sounds, I don’t think it’s so good for us to have the constant audio stimulation. Quiet is how our brains evolved and I’m pretty sure that one half century of portable audio devices won’t be evolving them very differently anytime soon. So perhaps a little more of silence in this mad, mad world is not a bad thing (although, I think my limit will still only be one day in the office environs).


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