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I know I know I know!

In Uncategorized on September 23, 2010 at 4:37 PM

Sneaky post (work/study/lyf rule means I’m not supposed to be on here again this arvo) but…oh my god I just had a revelation! And I have to post Tracey Emin links to illustrate that! Why? Because Tracey Emin is a GODDESS and all her art is raw, self-revelatory, truthful at a most basic human emotional level, and GOOD. And that is how revelations generally feel. Tracey says things so simply yet somehow, no one ever seems to have spoken it like her before. Which is of course what good art – and revelation – is. We can all walk through a gallery thinking “yeah well I could have done that” but did we? Nope. Which means for that one idea, we’re not the artist that that artist is for thinking it, and doing it, and doing it first. Same regarding revelations (when they finally dawn on us). Tracey definitely exemplifies this. It’s why she is inspiring and why she is a goddess.

Revelation? I realised how I can get a summer design job or internship without giving up my day job! Would LOVE to give up my day job to follow my passion (design) but I gotta work up my skills first and as yet, that fabulous trust fund from a mysterious Scottish relative has not come through so rent and bills (and dentist and healthcare and food and clothes and…) are my full responsibility. But……I finally came up with a solution to this quandary which I’ve been stressing about for…oh, about 9 months now! And with it, maybe I CAN get my foot in the design industry door sooner than I think!!! Love when the brain comes up with a solution (finally!).

What is my actual plan? Well, let me get cracking on it a bit first. More detalios soon I promise;)


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