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The Winged Victory of Samothrace at the Louvre in Paris

I’ve not seen this statue in the flesh (or stone) yet but I’ve always thought it’s the most beautiful thing ever. Sculpture in general takes my breath away. Contemporary sculpture for the conceptual explorations but classical? All the time for the sheer genius, especially when they look like this. How do these artists make stone look like cloth casually draped over a leg as if it’s just been moved there by the wind? The poetry of movement is always an amazing thing to see done well – think of watching a top athlete run or a horse streaming across a landscape in full gallop. The poetry of movement in static art is possibly even more amazing though. To create movement from solid objects which aren’t actually shifting in front of you, simply through the use of colour or balance, texture or clever composition? This is genius.

For me this statue exemplifies all of these things and somehow really carries with it the strength of hope, victory and power. It reminds me of how you feel when you finally figure out something about the world and how, in light of that, nothing can hold you back. How the power, hope and knowledge of that really does make you realise you will take over the world; how it makes you taste Victory. And that’s where this statue in particular really blows my mind. It doesn’t even have a face to convey all these feelings. Just stone and the savvy, breathtaking, inspired use of it to depict cloth casually draped over a leg as if it’s just been moved there by the wind.

(click on the pix or here for the links to the Louvre’s page on The Winged Victory of Samothrace)

  1. Erin this post is stunning!

  2. Wow, I love this post. So interesting and true

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