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must be a devil between us

In Uncategorized on September 29, 2010 at 4:59 PM

Ahh productivo afternoon! More posts to come later on tonight after a big mega study session but…a fellow student at uni last night told me that it takes approximately two months for the human brain to unlearn one habit and relearn another. This is exciting! I estimate then that I have approximately 6-8 weeks  (allowing for making up initial slack time) of my hardcore work/lyf/study schedule and practice until I become a hardworking, highly functioning, OCD, A-type achiever! Which is SO great. Apart from a few other fundamental things in life (you know; life, love, fun, happiness, friends and survival), this is all I’ve ever really wanted to be! Yes I know it’s probably a weird childhood dream but….all the best people I ever known or know of have been exactly that. It’s just taken me this long figure out how to get there. But…the dream now is within my reach.

Which made this song accidentally apt. On high rotation today, the ever-perfect Pixies. Which song in particular? ‘Hey’. Which contains my favourite lyric which is also the title of this post. Me and my dream. Must have just been a devil between us;)


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