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busy bee (and more data visualisation)

In Uncategorized on September 30, 2010 at 11:54 PM

Aye. The blog posts will be few and far between for a bit I think. Busy times, folio month. So much practice, so much study. It’s all so great though. Only wish wish wish I had more funded time to do it in!

Still, I’m still finding awesome things in the course of my uni research and my downtime. Like this great vid about Journalism in the Age of Data. At one hour it might be a bit long (and possibly boring) for anyone who’s not into data visualisation but………..surely you are! 😉 Infographics and all those other sites I mentioned once before are what I’m talking about and they create visual snapshots of our behavioural world that are so beautiful. Anyone who can turn raw and often dull, dry and/or boring data like financial, political or other info into works of graceful, understandable artwork, gets my vote! And most of these people are in this doco talking about the very thing that is their passion. See below the really great in-depth doco on the field of journalism and data visualisation and how all that’s stretching the limits of our investigative imaginations in the changing light of new technology (or our new uses of technology). Pretty cool.

(click on the pic to jump)

(ps. Thank you swissmiss for the original inspiration)

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