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this book is mind-blowing

In Uncategorized on October 3, 2010 at 5:09 PM

(and I haven’t even read it yet!)

To me, growing up is a great thing. It’s about positive action, self-responsibility, offering your best, and encouraging everyone else around you to do the same (and helping them if they can’t). It’s definitely nothing to do with giving up the wonderment, imagination and openness we all had as children. Far from it! Indeed, the best ‘grown-ups’ are the ones who are still like that but use all their grown-up knowledge, skills and abilities to make their childhood dreams and aspirations come alive, whether it’s a dream job for themselves or implementing a set of positive values on a global scale. Growing up is about seeing reality yes, but seeing the best in it and making that a stepping stone to fixing the worst (or less than best). I see no other point to being alive than this (regardless of whether you want kids or a job or a house or not) and, growing up gives you the power to do this.

I am thinking all this because of this link to a book (see below) which I randomly got from a facebook ad link (surprisingly considering the general level of quality of those!). I try to post things that catch my attention, are inspiring and on a general basis are positive but this link stunned me. The book is called Leaving Neverland: why little boys shouldn’t run big corporations and it’s by Daniel Prokop. It is about the psychology and behaviour of key players behind current global crises of the moment which affect us all, now and far into the future – environmental, financial, social etc….and how it is basically ‘grown’ men acting like little boys. It’s a look at how we allow this to happen in our society and how it’s not in our best interests. I haven’t read the book so I can’t offer a review as such but….pertinent topic for sure. And sad that everyone he interviews in this video survey (see below) doesn’t seem to think ‘growing up’ is a positive thing! I sincerely hope they come in contact (like I did) with amazing, positive and proactive people like my AMAZING friends at Reach and other organisations which show them the awesome power in being themselves as they ‘grow up’. And how that can actually change the very things that stop them wanting to grow-up in the first place and create a better world in the process.

(click to play vid of author talk and ‘Do you think you’ve grown-up?’ survey)


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