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new theory

In Uncategorized on October 5, 2010 at 9:51 PM

This song so suits my mood right now! Such a great day. Tara Sophia Mohr – one of my fave new bloggers and writers (who is also a life coach and a lot of other things) actually commented on MY little fledgling blog and said she was happy to read my post about her EXCELLENT article. EXCITEMENT PLUS! I organised something random in regards to my house and living arrangements which was not was I was planning on but would be SO COOL if it all worked out! I bought a MASSIVE pumpkin and some corn-on-the-cobs from the supermarket and am proceeding to attempt to make (ha. Not really a chef) homemade pumpkin and sweetcorn soup (with chick stock? And thyme?). THE SUN SHONE ALL DAY!!! I had GREAT email brainstormy conversations (again) with my new and totally exciting and inspiring friend Ming Zhu Hii of Orlando&Ivy and The Public Studio (good, good creative pathway courses. Check them out). I went to uni and learnt a bit more about typography and negative space in design and I decided on what my ideas will be for folio assessment so now all I have to do is CREATE them. I am well into working on my design competition entry which I reeeeeally want to win (although entering at this point will be just as much of an achievement as well!!). I had a great conversation with my friend Sarah Madness (yes this is a pseudonym) about how freaking great and funny our ideas are (they are!) and about keeping each other accountable in order to achieve our current dream of working on all our awesome ideas in a big, collaborative, design studio together by the middle of next year. I………listened to this song. Again. The lyrics might be a bit obscure (are they happy? Are they sad?) but it sounds happy and I love the song name. New Theory. It’s everything that makes, and has made, life awesome for me and I’m pretty sure it’s what makes life in general better for everyone! Constantly evolving, ever-changing (but always growing) new theories. Right now and forever after. Bring it on.

(click to listen. Sorry no vid. They don’t seem to have one for this song unfortunately!)


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