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I’m fundamentally a very positive person but…

In Uncategorized on October 6, 2010 at 4:23 PM

I was just reading this by one of my faves Hunter S Thompson. If you haven’t read his stuff, google some old articles and read those and then read Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. You will be blown away by how an author can pen one of the great modern classics using drug references in every single line yet the genius being about anything but that. He is an unequivocal legend.

Reading this made me realise something else too. It made me realise (part of) why I’m working so hard. The level of (hopefully dry) cynicism I sometimes display is intentionally always directed at certain levels or segments of our society (um, the George Bush Jnr type?) and HOPEFULLY actively never at any one person (I really do love people too much). But still, it definitely requires a sh*tload of talent to back it up. Hunter S Thompson superbly displays this here in an early career cover letter. They should show this to kids at school if they want them to challenge the system with profound intelligence.

You need to read this (click the pic). You’ll see what I mean.

(ps. If you like HST, you should also look up P J O’Rourke who is another absolute legend and was apparently HST’s best friend. If you read his work you will completely understand why. Pick up Eat The Rich. It’s freaking hilarious (and made me want to visit Albania one day).

(pps. Thank you Sara for the link)


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