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feminism is one of the most important issues of our time.

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I studied women’s history (amongst other histories). It was basically the unwritten history of an often majority which had for thousands of years been continuously treated as if it were not worth recording officially. Not as much as ‘male’ history and certainly not with the same perspective or treatment. Statistical data on the female experience (even as part of events or existences exactly the same as men’s) is sadly sparse and what we have now was only started in thorough earnest in the last century or so. And even then there are things which go unrecorded (any real or accurate stats on sexual assault or rape anyone?).

Once upon a time the police used to say that domestic abuse was a  “private matter” and would then not intervene. In some countries and societies (including ours sometimes) this still remains the same. This attitude prevented (and prevents) many women from reporting such atrocities or even having the confidence to leave (or even having the knowledge that they could leave. Or should). Currently in Australia, a 20 year old girl and her 22 year old partner face conviction for trying to procure an abortion (with contraband abortion drugs). Yet in response to petitions supporting an overhaul of abortion laws which make the procurement of an abortion a criminal act for women, their partners and their doctors (see article below), the Queensland Premier has stated that “decisions in regard to abortion are best made by a woman and her doctor and that these decisions are ultimately private matters”. That seems a fairly incongruous statement to me. Especially considering the police seem content to charge the couple and we seem happy as a society to place a woman’s ‘private decision’ in legal jeopardy. Surely if we accept that women and doctors can make this decision on their own without any public, social or political support, we cannot then make them criminals by judging them after the fact.

Queensland abortion law overhaul dismissed


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