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some good stuff to feel…good about!

In Uncategorized on October 17, 2010 at 10:50 AM

Haven’t posted in a bit. Been deeeeeep in folio mode. Spent 12 hours in the labs yesterday! Today probably the same. BUT, before I go do that, I wanted to post something. Quick scans through all my sadly neglected blogblasts from everywhere reveal such cool, cool news. Good stuff is happening. Here’s a couple of links to them;

  • Love Banksy (love the first office chair pic)
  • An amazing artist called Deborah Paauwe from Adelaide with beautiful, beautiful work has come to my attention (thanks Estie!). Check these out. Click for more beautiful, dark, quiet, whimsies…

And that’s it! There’s loads more but I have to study. Talk/see/speak to you soon!

  1. Aren’t they. Her work is so beautiful. I love the oh-so-slight edge of darkness in them too.

  2. Wonderful colors in these shots.

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