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new band on my radar

In Uncategorized on November 5, 2010 at 7:09 PM

Platinum Blonde. Hilarious. I just emailed my good friend Aaron in Canada to ask about the general consensus on this band as they were from Toronto originally (and Aaron is somewhat of a music guru) but hello Spinal Tap. Except for real. I mean check out the name for a start. But they also had some massively awesome glam rock noise tunes like this one here. Turns out Crystal Castles did a pretty tinny version of it just recently but………….they’ve just re-released it featuring Robert Smith and beats me if it isn’t a fricking awesome version. Robert Smith never sounded so happy about not being in love.

Original props in an NME article here. The Wild Palms – ‘To The Lighthouse (Team Ghost remix) and These New Puritans tune are pretty good too. Plus more but I haven’t listen to them all yet. Have to run to a fancy dress party dressed as a strawberry now instead…

  1. I’m a Fan!

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