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crackbook page

In Uncategorized on November 14, 2010 at 12:13 PM

Me trying to figure out where to take this blog next.


Oh Crackbook. You terrible yet ubiquitous invention you. No I haven’t seen The Social Network and no I don’t really plan to (the actual interviews with Mark Zuckerberg seem much more interesting) but whilst we await your social downfall (I’ve got a social history degree. These things really do go on waves), you’re kind of annoyingly useful. And so, whilst this blog is on an existential hiatus, you have kindly lent your services to bloggy type people who can now Like themselves to the crackitybook White Ninja Page here and enjoy the links in the meantime. Thank you (blurgh. Crackbook enslavement)

ps. Photo by the amazing Karen Riley. See her on flickr here or contact me for her details.


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