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a map for the immediate future

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White Ninja’s very own Map of Melbourne by Jess Nichol. See end of post for more details.


Helloo helloo!

A quick update

But first

Why is this relevant?

So you know I have not forgotten about you! I wanted to let you know that thoughts are forming still on the future of this site. And why (just in case you love links as much as me!).

And the quick update?

To anyone passing by (and there are some newbies from svpply I see), this blog is not Pompeii yet! I have plans still for this corner of the interwebs and my brain is still whirring with the possibilities and the ways to live those out. It turns out that facebook is definitely the best place for posting links and blogging all the random stuff. Please go there to see all those links that were and that still are (and that will be). It’s worth enslaving yourself to crackbook for.

But what next?


I think.

Blogging proves far too labour intensive for small links (hence the return to facebook which is eeeeasy for that stuff). But blogs are also like ongoing newspapers, no end, no beginning. They feel too ephemeral AND distractingly incremental for longer, more thought-out ideas or philosophies would be better served deliberately curated with a set of accompanying ideas. Over-arching themes appeal to me yet so do narratives with a beginning, middle and end – I did a Lit and history degree after all! The information hub vibe of a blog though means that you can get lost in a blog looking for some link as much as you can get lost in the Googlesphere. On blogs, themes get equalised in meaning with any other tiny key words. The only real curation factor beyond tags and categories is the blog itself. Not good.

And then I found out about the legitimacy of curation in blogland and online publishing. How? I found this;

All of these new moves were driven by this;

  • 1000 true fans theory which is articulated by Kevin Kelly, an interesting chap who seems to believe in longterm thinking (which inevitably means he wins my heart…forever! I also love him because he is actually more verbose than me. A hard ask of anyone).

And so, I’m whirring and buzzing about this approach now. Something will happen, even if it’s small to begin with. I’ll start producing something soon and remember, if you wanna join in, just contact me. I love collaboration:)

Ps. The artwork? It’s my Map of Melbourne by Jess Nichol. This map is one of four different maps measuring 1.3m in diameter each and based on four Melburnians’ personal experiences of Melbourne. White Ninja was one of those four! (and White Ninja now owns it;) ). Featured in the Street Level exhibition at Amelie Camille Gallery in Melbourne in 2009, all four were amazing works of art and design and each made a personal map of the individual, intangible experiences someone can gather within one, favourite city.

  1. Hunny, I LOVES this post. I’m SO excited for you.

  2. Anytime Le Bibi! I’ll bake you another passionfruit and pink icing loveheart cake!

  3. Yay! So excited to see the map!
    Can’t wait to check it out in person 🙂

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