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At the mo White Ninja is on a bit of a hiatus. Am redefining her a bit so will be back soon (asap). Until then, links are being posted a mile a minute via the White Ninja facebook Page. You know you want to;)

Yo. Yes you can subscribe. In fact, please do! Blogging, as it turns out, is a bit of an addiction for me so it’s always a hefty buzz to see the subscriptions stats go up one more number, especially if it’s you who did it.

  • DAILY EMAIL. With all the posts from that day. See below to subscribe. Only hitting your inbox once a day no matter how many times I post to the blog itself.
  • TWITTER. See below for link or find me as @ninjatimes. I’m not a massive twitter fan but it’s the modern world and when in Rome…
  • rss/iGOOGLE. Sign up for White Ninja rss feeds below. To channel them to an iGoogle dashboard, just sign up for gmail (which you never have to use again) and set up and customise your iGoogle Dashboard. Then any rss feeds you sign up for anywhere can be sent to your dashboard for maximum blog browsing in one spot. It ROCKS for blogwatching. Do it.
  • SVPPLY. For pure visual candy, you can follow White Ninja on svpply, the beauuuuuutiful retail tagging website which is completely addictive! Like a giant, purchasable, mood board. Ohhh…

Oh and if you DO pick any of the above options to keep reading, thanks! Much love:)

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