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a map for the immediate future

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White Ninja’s very own Map of Melbourne by Jess Nichol. See end of post for more details.


Helloo helloo!

A quick update

But first

Why is this relevant?

So you know I have not forgotten about you! I wanted to let you know that thoughts are forming still on the future of this site. And why (just in case you love links as much as me!).

And the quick update?

To anyone passing by (and there are some newbies from svpply I see), this blog is not Pompeii yet! I have plans still for this corner of the interwebs and my brain is still whirring with the possibilities and the ways to live those out. It turns out that facebook is definitely the best place for posting links and blogging all the random stuff. Please go there to see all those links that were and that still are (and that will be). It’s worth enslaving yourself to crackbook for.

But what next?


I think.

Blogging proves far too labour intensive for small links (hence the return to facebook which is eeeeasy for that stuff). But blogs are also like ongoing newspapers, no end, no beginning. They feel too ephemeral AND distractingly incremental for longer, more thought-out ideas or philosophies would be better served deliberately curated with a set of accompanying ideas. Over-arching themes appeal to me yet so do narratives with a beginning, middle and end – I did a Lit and history degree after all! The information hub vibe of a blog though means that you can get lost in a blog looking for some link as much as you can get lost in the Googlesphere. On blogs, themes get equalised in meaning with any other tiny key words. The only real curation factor beyond tags and categories is the blog itself. Not good.

And then I found out about the legitimacy of curation in blogland and online publishing. How? I found this;

All of these new moves were driven by this;

  • 1000 true fans theory which is articulated by Kevin Kelly, an interesting chap who seems to believe in longterm thinking (which inevitably means he wins my heart…forever! I also love him because he is actually more verbose than me. A hard ask of anyone).

And so, I’m whirring and buzzing about this approach now. Something will happen, even if it’s small to begin with. I’ll start producing something soon and remember, if you wanna join in, just contact me. I love collaboration:)

Ps. The artwork? It’s my Map of Melbourne by Jess Nichol. This map is one of four different maps measuring 1.3m in diameter each and based on four Melburnians’ personal experiences of Melbourne. White Ninja was one of those four! (and White Ninja now owns it;) ). Featured in the Street Level exhibition at Amelie Camille Gallery in Melbourne in 2009, all four were amazing works of art and design and each made a personal map of the individual, intangible experiences someone can gather within one, favourite city.


new band on my radar

In Uncategorized on November 5, 2010 at 7:09 PM

Platinum Blonde. Hilarious. I just emailed my good friend Aaron in Canada to ask about the general consensus on this band as they were from Toronto originally (and Aaron is somewhat of a music guru) but hello Spinal Tap. Except for real. I mean check out the name for a start. But they also had some massively awesome glam rock noise tunes like this one here. Turns out Crystal Castles did a pretty tinny version of it just recently but………….they’ve just re-released it featuring Robert Smith and beats me if it isn’t a fricking awesome version. Robert Smith never sounded so happy about not being in love.

Original props in an NME article here. The Wild Palms – ‘To The Lighthouse (Team Ghost remix) and These New Puritans tune are pretty good too. Plus more but I haven’t listen to them all yet. Have to run to a fancy dress party dressed as a strawberry now instead…

almost famous

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There’s nothing I like more (aside from design) than rock music and photography. The combination of both then is like when Angelina got together with Brad (a good thing). These truly great images are from the new Tony Mott exhibition opening on Nov 27th at Raw Gallery in South Melbourne. Raw Gallery is a new gallery specialising in “rock and pop cultural photography”. I had many more terribly witty and supportive things to say about this but wordpress failed me and deleted my draft post. Enthusiasm now sparse. Nice photes though.

Click here for more exhibition pix. Snaps to Broadsheet for original article.


Melbourne’s best macaroons

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Apparently macarons (macaroons?) are the new black. If this excellently cool macaroon design at Melbourne Macaron Competition 2010 is anything to go by, the rest of them must have been so great.

Click the pic for article (words not pictures though unfortunately. Mysteriously there are no more pix anywhere..).

(thank you Broadsheet for being as awesome as you so currently are)

birth of the walkman (and everything else after)

In Uncategorized on October 31, 2010 at 8:50 AM

From a soon-to-be-published new book by PSFK co-founder Piers Fawkes about finding good ideas…

(click on the pic for whole extract)

“…Impressed with the way [the accidental walkman prototype] worked, [Sony Electronics founder] Ibuka showed the device to his colleague Akio Morita and wondered if it could be used by young people to walk around and listen to music. Akio Morita found it impressive and began to carry it on his flights as well, but when he talked to his sales and marketing teams, they were very hesitant about the idea: for a start, they couldn’t understand why anyone would want to walk around wearing (what they considered) inferior quality headphones. Retailers were also hesitant about a product with no record button….”

love smile

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‘The love smile “is about embracing and caring,” Simon-Thomas said, “which we think is really different from the coy smile, which is more about getting sexual pleasure“.’

Apparently researchers at the University of California at Berkeley have identified six different types of smiles that we humans have. I love that this is what they’re studying in Berkeley. It’s something in the air on that west coast of America isn’t it…

Click for the rest of the article via The Age

taking over the world

In Uncategorized on October 21, 2010 at 10:59 AM

Guerrilla photographic artist JR has just won the 2011 TED Prize of $100,000USD. This is an awesome coup for artists sending a message to the world through alternative routes to that of established art galleries. As well as for people who may not necessarily be extremely well-known.

JR is an anonymous photographic artist who illegally pastes massively large-scale photographs of everyday people from adversely affected communities, all over city walls (including images of everyday Palestinians in Israel and vice versa). They are often funny, sometimes quietly shocking, always thought-provoking, never small. The TED Prize an amazing, annual prize which honours one individual who is changing the world and can change it even more, especially with the financial and networking help of that prize. One reason JR shows his work in guerrilla fashion is to make the point that art should be accessible to everyone, not just placed in the often elite vacuum of established galleries.  The subject matter and the execution in showing it then make us ask powerful questions about how we perceive the world through aesthetic filters, particularly the worlds of violence, political unrest, adversity and gender, economic and social poverty.  He had an international guerrilla exhibition two years ago, pasting up massive photos – in war-torn areas as well as affluent Western locations – of women from war-torn areas going about their daily business of supporting themselves, their families and their communities, in the midst of chaos. It was about women’s phenomenal ability to survive and maintain life in the face of war and violence; for their own sake, for that of their children and families, for the sake of others’ children and families and all (very often) in areas where they are already disadvantaged because of their sex. He called it Women Are Heroes. Total legend.

Jamie Oliver won the 2010 TED Prize last year and Bill Clinton has won it in the past. These are just two of many well-known figures to do so. That an anonymous guerrilla photographic artist who may be well-known in some art circles but is not well-known en masse has won this huge and well-respected prize is a testament to TED’s dedication to not just the great and good who are obviously well-educated, privileged and politically, culturally or financially influential, but also those possibly less well-known or privileged but equally as powerful regardless. Love TED even more now.

*See also the trailer for Women Are Heroes here. It’s long and some stories in it are pretty disturbing but it’s so good and you HAVE to check out the little kid dancing at 1.23mins. Truly awesome;)

(thanks Lee for the link. You are just as inspiring you know).

we’re getting nicer every day

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Click here to jump to article

“Today we are probably living in the most peaceful moment of our species’ time on earth.” – evolutionary psychologist Steven Pinker (and article author)

Also from the article…

”…The decline of violence is a fractal phenomenon, visible at the scale of millenia, centuries, decades and years. It applies over several orders of magnitude of violence, from genocide to war to rioting to homicide to the treatment of children and animals. And it appears to be a worldwide trend, though not a homogeneous one. The leading edge has been in Western societies, especially England and Holland, and there seems to have been a tipping point at the onset of the Age of Reason in the early seventeenth century.”.

(although, this last passage’s pinpointing of particular cultures and cultural movements does call into question the historiographical issue of who writes history)

  • Link origin – thank you Rob Brezny for your weekly e-letter of crazy hilarious horoscopes and ‘pronoia’ links.   One day I will meet you and your awesome manifesto).
  • Photo link – beachblogger42 on flickr via monocolumn)

some good stuff to feel…good about!

In Uncategorized on October 17, 2010 at 10:50 AM

Haven’t posted in a bit. Been deeeeeep in folio mode. Spent 12 hours in the labs yesterday! Today probably the same. BUT, before I go do that, I wanted to post something. Quick scans through all my sadly neglected blogblasts from everywhere reveal such cool, cool news. Good stuff is happening. Here’s a couple of links to them;

  • Love Banksy (love the first office chair pic)
  • An amazing artist called Deborah Paauwe from Adelaide with beautiful, beautiful work has come to my attention (thanks Estie!). Check these out. Click for more beautiful, dark, quiet, whimsies…

And that’s it! There’s loads more but I have to study. Talk/see/speak to you soon!

something that makes you happy makes me happy (and vice versa I hope!)

In Uncategorized on October 13, 2010 at 1:48 PM

The other day, I followed (with white ninja’s twitter @ninjatimes) Sara Avant Stover who runs this great blog which I found through another great blog run by Tara Sophia Mohr. I like positive psychology stuff;) Anyways, she sent me a note of thanks for following her which I presume she sends all her new followers. It said;

“Thanks for following me! I hope that you do (at least) one thing today that makes you happy 🙂 With blessings, Sara”.

Sweet! Thank you Sara. It was actually a totally cool thing to read first thing in the morning! And while I walked to work in the PERFECTLY misty weather which reminded me happily of when I lived in London, I wondered what I would do to make me happy. Could be anything really. Generally most things make me happy. Even bad stuff ends up serving a purpose and that purpose shows you something which eventually makes you happy. Hm. So I decided to find something which could make all of YOU happy. Which makes me happy. Because that is the way I think true happiness works – it’s only worth it if you share it and that’s the only way it changes the world. And so here is a (distilled) article via the great-and-good psfk about a 72 year old study into happiness and some five points on what you can do to make your life awesome. Which in turn (I guarantee you!) will make everyone else around you who’s ready for it, happy as well.

(the original article is linked within the psfk blogpost. It’s pretty interesting although even I didn’t get through. Need much more time than my lunchbreak for that!)

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