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“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”

Mahatma Gandhi


Ain’t that the truth.


(photo from Colours of India on reasonpad and possibly somewhere else originally? Quote from my office desk calendar! Nice…)


consumerist fantasies

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It is my secret, consumerist, eco-child of capitalism dream that every man and woman dress in clothes from Need Supply Co. That’s all.

Kerouac reads American Haiku

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Love Kerouac. Love America. Love haikus. Bliss…..

love smile

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‘The love smile “is about embracing and caring,” Simon-Thomas said, “which we think is really different from the coy smile, which is more about getting sexual pleasure“.’

Apparently researchers at the University of California at Berkeley have identified six different types of smiles that we humans have. I love that this is what they’re studying in Berkeley. It’s something in the air on that west coast of America isn’t it…

Click for the rest of the article via The Age

we’re getting nicer every day

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“Today we are probably living in the most peaceful moment of our species’ time on earth.” – evolutionary psychologist Steven Pinker (and article author)

Also from the article…

”…The decline of violence is a fractal phenomenon, visible at the scale of millenia, centuries, decades and years. It applies over several orders of magnitude of violence, from genocide to war to rioting to homicide to the treatment of children and animals. And it appears to be a worldwide trend, though not a homogeneous one. The leading edge has been in Western societies, especially England and Holland, and there seems to have been a tipping point at the onset of the Age of Reason in the early seventeenth century.”.

(although, this last passage’s pinpointing of particular cultures and cultural movements does call into question the historiographical issue of who writes history)

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  • Photo link – beachblogger42 on flickr via monocolumn)

some good stuff to feel…good about!

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Haven’t posted in a bit. Been deeeeeep in folio mode. Spent 12 hours in the labs yesterday! Today probably the same. BUT, before I go do that, I wanted to post something. Quick scans through all my sadly neglected blogblasts from everywhere reveal such cool, cool news. Good stuff is happening. Here’s a couple of links to them;

  • Love Banksy (love the first office chair pic)
  • An amazing artist called Deborah Paauwe from Adelaide with beautiful, beautiful work has come to my attention (thanks Estie!). Check these out. Click for more beautiful, dark, quiet, whimsies…

And that’s it! There’s loads more but I have to study. Talk/see/speak to you soon!

something that makes you happy makes me happy (and vice versa I hope!)

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The other day, I followed (with white ninja’s twitter @ninjatimes) Sara Avant Stover who runs this great blog which I found through another great blog run by Tara Sophia Mohr. I like positive psychology stuff;) Anyways, she sent me a note of thanks for following her which I presume she sends all her new followers. It said;

“Thanks for following me! I hope that you do (at least) one thing today that makes you happy 🙂 With blessings, Sara”.

Sweet! Thank you Sara. It was actually a totally cool thing to read first thing in the morning! And while I walked to work in the PERFECTLY misty weather which reminded me happily of when I lived in London, I wondered what I would do to make me happy. Could be anything really. Generally most things make me happy. Even bad stuff ends up serving a purpose and that purpose shows you something which eventually makes you happy. Hm. So I decided to find something which could make all of YOU happy. Which makes me happy. Because that is the way I think true happiness works – it’s only worth it if you share it and that’s the only way it changes the world. And so here is a (distilled) article via the great-and-good psfk about a 72 year old study into happiness and some five points on what you can do to make your life awesome. Which in turn (I guarantee you!) will make everyone else around you who’s ready for it, happy as well.

(the original article is linked within the psfk blogpost. It’s pretty interesting although even I didn’t get through. Need much more time than my lunchbreak for that!)