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Optimism poster from the fantastic Because Studio, via The September Industry

Well well. And so it is March. Actually, it is March 2011! And this blog has been on hiatus for, oh….about three months now! Eek. So sorry. Movement and happenings are coming VERY soon and something will be happening anon. I have been thinking about my next step non-stop but…it’s still all been a bit vague as to what exactly that should be. Beyond the most obvious conclusion that a blog is not really that useful or interesting as simply a blog in and of itself. In needs to be a vehicle for something else. I’m just not sure what.

To get all this happening, I have actually booked in to do some (a lot of, hopefully!)  creative business coaching with the fabulous Ming-Zhu Hii of Orlando&Ivy and The Public Studio. I am honoured to know Ming-Zhu personally but don’t think that’s why I chose her excellent coaching services (although, it is also why I did;) ). I chose her because, after talking to a bunch of people over the years to figure out just exactly where and how I could hone my skills and my likes, I realised that she is the only person who actually really GETS it. You know? GETS it. As in, she has similar views on the world (it’s awesome!) and thinks pretty similarly to me (anything is possible!!!). She is also UBER positive (which is so cool) and one of the hardest workers I know. She not only sees what she wants for her future, but actually then goes out there and jumps for it too. She is, in all, an insanely inspiring person to be around and so I thought, who better to coach me in my next steps of creativity and business than her. If you ever think you would appreciate a very experienced, knowledgable, creative and COOL sounding board to help you hone your art AND give you the tips on how to actually achieve that, I say go here and talk to Ming. I guarantee you things will start to happen.

ps. I was also honoured enough to get a spot on the Life & Your Phenomenal Creative Practice course and I can tells ya, it was worth it. These things are always good to take part in, for your art, for your mind, for you soul, for your creativity. This one though was so good – structured yet informal (erm, we all had champagne on our last night to celebrate!) with loads of great tips and info on helping you pinpoint your art and honing that into a practice. To top it all off, the people you meet on the courses are great too (including Ming-Zhu and her husband and business partner Nic), in exactly the same place as you mentally and creatively – ie uber open-minded and positive – and everyone has boundless energy to give. What better people to be around than that;) Tell her that I sent you!

pps. Continue to check out White Ninja on facebook while this blog is on hiatus. It’s a link bonanza going on over there. Click to Like…


four fingered garden ring

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I have no words for this. This is too good.

(over at allthelovelies – awesome find).

in heaven

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Probably no one knows that I saw Placebo live five times

(or was that six?)

I really really really really really want one of these

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Rainbow keyboard. Awesome.

Love the dorky photo too.

(click to buy)

(thank you to me for the link. I have no idea how – or why –  I found it)

Villainy and Associates

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Business cards for Villainy & Associates (a “collective of creative masterminds with hideouts in Los Angeles and New York City”). Printed by Studio on Fire, these are on the most amazing paperstock you have ever seen.

Thanks to ShareSomeCandy for the tips.

taking over the world

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Guerrilla photographic artist JR has just won the 2011 TED Prize of $100,000USD. This is an awesome coup for artists sending a message to the world through alternative routes to that of established art galleries. As well as for people who may not necessarily be extremely well-known.

JR is an anonymous photographic artist who illegally pastes massively large-scale photographs of everyday people from adversely affected communities, all over city walls (including images of everyday Palestinians in Israel and vice versa). They are often funny, sometimes quietly shocking, always thought-provoking, never small. The TED Prize an amazing, annual prize which honours one individual who is changing the world and can change it even more, especially with the financial and networking help of that prize. One reason JR shows his work in guerrilla fashion is to make the point that art should be accessible to everyone, not just placed in the often elite vacuum of established galleries.  The subject matter and the execution in showing it then make us ask powerful questions about how we perceive the world through aesthetic filters, particularly the worlds of violence, political unrest, adversity and gender, economic and social poverty.  He had an international guerrilla exhibition two years ago, pasting up massive photos – in war-torn areas as well as affluent Western locations – of women from war-torn areas going about their daily business of supporting themselves, their families and their communities, in the midst of chaos. It was about women’s phenomenal ability to survive and maintain life in the face of war and violence; for their own sake, for that of their children and families, for the sake of others’ children and families and all (very often) in areas where they are already disadvantaged because of their sex. He called it Women Are Heroes. Total legend.

Jamie Oliver won the 2010 TED Prize last year and Bill Clinton has won it in the past. These are just two of many well-known figures to do so. That an anonymous guerrilla photographic artist who may be well-known in some art circles but is not well-known en masse has won this huge and well-respected prize is a testament to TED’s dedication to not just the great and good who are obviously well-educated, privileged and politically, culturally or financially influential, but also those possibly less well-known or privileged but equally as powerful regardless. Love TED even more now.

*See also the trailer for Women Are Heroes here. It’s long and some stories in it are pretty disturbing but it’s so good and you HAVE to check out the little kid dancing at 1.23mins. Truly awesome;)

(thanks Lee for the link. You are just as inspiring you know).

western women will save the world

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I am on a massive feminist rant today and THIS is the exact truth. F*cking hell ladies. We are political creatures whether we like it or not. And we were LUCKY ENOUGH to be born into a society which, to a fair degree, values and empowers us. Just think how much we could change about this world if we directed our energy into that instead of worrying about looking pretty/not getting fat/hair&makeup/being nice/not offending etc. This is why I believe in the word cunt (why should the word for the female anatomy be the worst word in the universe?). And why I believe you should vote.

(click pic to jump)

(ps. This article is by a new fave blogger of mine – Tara Sophie Mohr – who writes the wise living blog and is also a pretty powerful speaker on self empowerment, for one’s self and as a way of bettering this world. She’s pretty rad).

It’s time to do your own thing

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I LOVE this blog post from The Cool Hunter. THC has always been such an excellent trending blog (and advertising agency) but this blogpost just took them to a whole new level in my opinion.

Here’s the text in case the link ever doesn’t work. It’s by Bill Tikos, the founder of The Cool Hunter;

Why do you read [The Cool Hunter]? Does it inspire you to create, start a business, design a product, improve an idea? Does it make you want to innovate or imitate? Does it inspire you travel, or live in another city or country?

Do you need someone else to tell you your product/idea/execution/brand is great? We say don’t worry what anyone else thinks, trust your own judgment. When others doubt, be confident in your vision. Stop waiting for the perfect time to do what you want to do. Just go for it and do it now.

Don’t’ follow fashion trends. The most fashionable thing you can be is to be you. Travel the world, live in other cities, learn cultures. Learn because it keeps your mind young. You don’t need a university degree to be successful, although it may be helpful, but don’t do it because your parents – or you? – have status anxiety. Stop whining about it.

But what you do need is vision, tenacity and confidence in what you do. Do what you love now. Switch topics or schools now. Don’t wait till the last year of your education to realize that this isn’t your path. Listen to your heart, it knows what makes you happy.

If your job sucks, stop blaming others, your boss, your parents, the universe. Just quit and take responsibility for your own choices. It’s not about the sucky job. It is about you being in the wrong place. There’s never a better time than now.

Start doing what your mind has been ticking away for you to do for years. Take risks. Be in a relationship that flows effortlessly. Trust your gut feeling. Intuition is strong and powerful.

Stop smoking, invest in your body, get off your ass and exercise. If you’re an entrepreneur , don’t spend all night on your projects. Practice balance and time management and have a life. Your family and kids are wondering why you aren’t home for dinner, again. What a waste of your time.

Have the tenacity and focus to execute an idea no matter how daunting it may seem at first. Have the confidence in what you’re doing even when others doubt. Create opportunities for yourself. It is time for you to step up.

Here at TCH, we practice what we preach and we learn something every day. Everything we feature here on TCH, is based on intuition. We don’t care if you or anyone else don’t like it or agree with what we feature. If we did that, we’d go insane and TCH would be fake and boring and bland.

The coolest thing you can do is doing it.

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