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“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”

Mahatma Gandhi


Ain’t that the truth.


(photo from Colours of India on reasonpad and possibly somewhere else originally? Quote from my office desk calendar! Nice…)


almost famous

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There’s nothing I like more (aside from design) than rock music and photography. The combination of both then is like when Angelina got together with Brad (a good thing). These truly great images are from the new Tony Mott exhibition opening on Nov 27th at Raw Gallery in South Melbourne. Raw Gallery is a new gallery specialising in “rock and pop cultural photography”. I had many more terribly witty and supportive things to say about this but wordpress failed me and deleted my draft post. Enthusiasm now sparse. Nice photes though.

Click here for more exhibition pix. Snaps to Broadsheet for original article.


Kerouac reads American Haiku

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Love Kerouac. Love America. Love haikus. Bliss…..

I’m fundamentally a very positive person but…

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I was just reading this by one of my faves Hunter S Thompson. If you haven’t read his stuff, google some old articles and read those and then read Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. You will be blown away by how an author can pen one of the great modern classics using drug references in every single line yet the genius being about anything but that. He is an unequivocal legend.

Reading this made me realise something else too. It made me realise (part of) why I’m working so hard. The level of (hopefully dry) cynicism I sometimes display is intentionally always directed at certain levels or segments of our society (um, the George Bush Jnr type?) and HOPEFULLY actively never at any one person (I really do love people too much). But still, it definitely requires a sh*tload of talent to back it up. Hunter S Thompson superbly displays this here in an early career cover letter. They should show this to kids at school if they want them to challenge the system with profound intelligence.

You need to read this (click the pic). You’ll see what I mean.

(ps. If you like HST, you should also look up P J O’Rourke who is another absolute legend and was apparently HST’s best friend. If you read his work you will completely understand why. Pick up Eat The Rich. It’s freaking hilarious (and made me want to visit Albania one day).

(pps. Thank you Sara for the link)


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Peter Saville. I love you I love you I love you.

très hot

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Hahahahaha. Forgot about this site! Gold.

Mad Men do Rolling Stone. Absolute love.

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Mad Men. It’s grown on me and now my love for it is quite significant. Yes the costuming is amazing (AMAZING) and yes Joan Harris’/Holloway’s breasts are stupendous (and yes even us girls out there realise this), but the show is so much more than that. It’s Betty Draper’s already smouldering weirdness that descends slowly into outright, socially accepted but constantly shocking, craziness as her gender’s generational predicament of unfulfilled dreams and real frustrations come to fruition.  It’s Peggy Olsen realising in sudden, stunned, little bursts that she’s more than most of the men surrounding her yet still only half acknowledged. It’s all the secretaries put together, in one room often, preening like pretty, little birds yet somehow wielding a power that continually brings Don Draper and Roger Stirling to their ever-bewildered knees (to their dismay). It’s Pete Campbell’s insufferable righteousness, something his stuffy upbringing and lucky-for-him heavily man-favoured era allows him in spades. It’s Joan – Joan and her confounding indomitable faith in herself, her stupendous breasts AND her surprisingly unsung smarts despite the fact that she strives for no more than is a woman’s place in her world and that she is constantly told (and accepts) that this is all she should ask for.  It’s Sal. Sal and his sad identity crisis which, as it dawns on him so slowly, is so painful to watch from our (slightly) more enlightened, 21st century perspective.

It’s a fantastic show and so much more than its more obvious parts. Definitely worth watching and beyond worth getting addicted to. Rolling Stone has just done a beautiful cover shoot and article on the show and its stars which comes out September 16. Click on the pix for the full shoot or go to this link – http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/17386/196882 – for a preview of the article. Soooo good.

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