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four cool versions of a very great song

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Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – Eurythmics. Oh Annie.

And just so you don’t get a complete brain collapse from the French acidtrance-hardrave and Marilyn combo…

(yes I did make up the genre ‘acidtrance-hardrave’)



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“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”

Mahatma Gandhi


Ain’t that the truth.


(photo from Colours of India on reasonpad and possibly somewhere else originally? Quote from my office desk calendar! Nice…)

really want one of these

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Even though it would make me feel like I’m in some sort of Navajo desert rehab complex. But I can imagine they’d be pretty comfortable.

The above-the-water one would take some mad balancing, levitating skills to get into though…

(Original designer is Dedon. dornob for original article. Possibly Springwise for original tip-off although inbox clear-out this morning has made me scatter-minded).

love smile

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‘The love smile “is about embracing and caring,” Simon-Thomas said, “which we think is really different from the coy smile, which is more about getting sexual pleasure“.’

Apparently researchers at the University of California at Berkeley have identified six different types of smiles that we humans have. I love that this is what they’re studying in Berkeley. It’s something in the air on that west coast of America isn’t it…

Click for the rest of the article via The Age


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The newspapers were all crazy-blue this morning! So I thought I’d create my own front page for you.  Here are some GREAT things that have happened in the world this morning (or very recently..)

(apologies for all the orange, hyperlinked text. I still haven’t figured out how to change hyperlink colour in this blog template!)

(ps. all links via The Happy News and Daily Good)
(pps. I wanted you all to read something happy this morning)